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Frequently asked questions
Question 1: I chose the wrong size by mistake. can I exchange my item?
Answer: Yes if the new item is available in the size you want, or you can select one item worth the same price.
Question 2: I would like to place a special order, can I contact you directly?
Answer: Yes, please use the number on the profile page or through our e-mail address:
Question 3: Can I ship a gift to a friend?
Answer: Yes, when you submit your order, you can enter your shipping address or that of a friend.
Question 4: I do not have a PayPal account and I would like to pay by credit card, is that possible?
Answer: Yes it is possible, on the PayPal payment page, select the bottom left option (Do not have a PayPal account?) and click '' continue '' . Then, choose your credit card type and follow the instructions on the screen.