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Wet For Her, now located in New York and Los Angeles, was founded in Paris, France in June 2009. Designed with women in mind, Wet For Her offers innovative and high-quality novelty creations inspired by her, for her. Whether it’s the provocative product line of chic packaging, Wet For Her continues to embark on new avenues of sensual stimulation.
GAY AND LESBIAN DIRECTORY, French reference for all homosexual, queer, gay-friendly communities.
Collective celebrations!
The Primanotte network offers a variety of events: dinners, parties dance floor, dance and brunch appetizers (mixed gay) designed for you in the most beautiful places in Paris.
One Saturday per month, The Womexx organises, in the cellars Saint-Sabin, a wonderful night only for girls. This is the Womexx Come with your girlfriends, your boss, your colleagues, your gym teacher, your postmistress, your secretary, your lover ...
A Mag 'of news, a guide 100% lesbian. And a network of initiatives to meet and develop projects
Zelink is a site aimed at allowing Gays and Lesbians to meet through events leisure, culture and sports.
A new brand very Gay Friendly in Marseille!
Although the trend "bear" is not yet well developed in the gay community, the fact remains that Paris still offers this category of gays the possibility to come together to eat, drink, dance and get back in shape after the work or after the hibernation period comes to an end.
Gay Magazine France, the magazine of gay and lesbian travel: news, trips, destinations, gay, interview, festival ... All news about gay travel and more ...
Journalist, entertainer, author of the novel 'Sex Addict' and co-author of '10 ans, ça se fête !' Check out her humorist videos!
If you are lesbian, gay, bi, trans, a homosexual parent, or parents of a homosexual child/children and you are looking for a website that suits you, informs you, entertains you and hears you voice! Yagg is the website for you!